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Worst Nightmares - Shane Briant Meh. The villain is revealed in the first 80 pages, but you have to sit through another 340 pages until the end. I actually didn't finish it - it was getting tedious so I skipped to the last couple chapters (which I have never done before in my life.)

This book is an odd combination of boring (since you know what is going to happen) and can't-look-away bad. None of the characters are sympathetic or likeable. Also, it's not really scary or suspenseful. I would say that it is more sensationalist and grotesque than anything else (other than lame, that is.) Scenes of brutal violence plus an overly contrived plot does not equal a brilliant suspense novel.

Also, there are numerous editing and fact-checking errors; at least one of the methods of murder is physically impossible. Anyway, I read most of it because it came highly recommended, but I personally would not recommend it. The premise has potential, but it was ridiculously drawn out and the writing was labored. I won't be reading his future novels.